ReconsumerEyes - Cork Planters

By Lindsay Loodle for Crispina ffrench Always on the look out for helpful ways to maintain the lifestyle I/we love while reducing the pile of waste at the end of the day, this weekly column showcases my findings to inspire our collective strive for a diminishing footprint. What do you use, or do, in your life that helps reduce the waste you create in your day? Suggestions welcome.

In the spirit of warm breezes, gushing rivers, and all things green, we have an enchanting project for you that can give a touch of spring to any time of year: micro planters. Made from recycled wine corks, these planters are simple yet delectable. And because of their small size, they can be arranged in almost any formation! Here are a few you might like to try:

1. The standard cork planter can be lined along a windowsill or bunched together in your garden; this planter goes just about anywhere. To make these, fill old wine corks with plant cuttings – ones that can thrive in small containers like spider plants, jade, string of pearls, bonsais, mini ferns, dwarf mosses, or micro-orchids – water gently with an eye dropper, plant mister, or dollhouse watering can, then watch your granular garden transform even the smallest of spaces! Follow Crafts Unleashed's instructions for creating these delectable seed spots.

2. For a functional twist, turn your cork planters into refrigerator magnets. Upcycle That has instructions here!

3. Finally, my absolute favorite version is the wine cork garden globe designed by Anthropologie. Stunning and other-worldly, these art pieces make incredible flowerbeds. And Andi from All Put Together has helped us learn how to build them. Read her blog post here...

Try your hand at one of these wine cork crafts for the start of spring, or tell us your own method for recycling corks and/or building planters!