We are off to The Northeast Poultry Congress later this month at The Big E Fairgrounds in Springfield, MA.  There will be 50,000 birds there.  Does that even sound possible??  I think it might just be the first time the girls get to show our chickens.  We have a dozen hens and one little bantam rooster named Alex.  Lucy wants to show him and our little black hen named Bloom.  Violet will show Stella Sundale.  Stella is a big Buff Orpington with a sunny disposition just like Violet displays (most of the time).  X-rays taken yesterday of Violet's spine are back and are showing something weird enough to have to go for an MRI in Boston.  I hope we will be at the Northeast Poultry Congress on the 18th.  Send a prayer.

The state ‘chicken tester’ came out today despite the frigid morning temperatures to take blood samples from our little flock.  Even with the thermometer reading 1 degree F, the girls opted to don lots of layers topped with snow pants, mittens, hats, and hoods, miss the first 90 minutes of school, and help.  Maybe this means I can relinquish chicken care to my able cohorts?