Staying the Course

Perseverance with a side of branching off

I can be quite a scatterbrain.  I have no doubt that is the scientific term doctors from my generation used when referring to ADHD or ADD.  Brain science hadn’t gotten that far yet, I guess.  Staying the course has always been a challenge on a small scale. The larger picture was much more doable. As an adult in my late forties and early fifties, quite a few people have said to me, “You have ADHD, have you ever gotten tested?” There were two sides to that coin for me:  I made it this far and am perfectly fine and well, if it is a problem why not do something about it.  I found that it was really more of a problem for other people. And that’s their problem!

Whether reading an article in the paper, schoolwork, grabbing a garden tool, even making dinner, distractions or random thoughts pop up and I can turn down another path quickly. My husband likes to say (jokingly) “SQUIRREL” when that happens which I find to be funny, and gets me back on track.  It happens the most when just having conversations, though. I will just go off on a tangent and most likely I end up forgetting what the original thought was.


Back to my original thought-staying the course on a larger scale. Being self employed my whole life has been a joy. I am blessed that I have been able to support myself doing what I love, which is making things, first murals, later textiles. Lately, I find that I have not been delegating my time properly, though.  I am trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle including being a good mom and partner, work full time, find the right education for my son, who has auditory processing delay, and socialize with friends, and… a biggie,  deal with menopause. The socializing with friends sounds easy, but always comes last and is probably one of the most important elements in one’s life. One of my friends once referred to me as a “shut-in” when I began my business, Leo’s Dry Goods. That made me laugh and reminded of the program on Sundays, Mass for Shut Ins. I think it came on after Davey and Goliath.


I have been changing my business to accommodate my needs- FINALLY!

This has been a game changer. I used to try to do tons of markets: craft, handmade, makers’, farmers’, etc. It needed to be done to get my name and product out there. I started getting wholesale accounts and online and local retail, which is really what I wanted.  I started feeling guilty, like I was supposed to do all the markets, even though I didn’t want to anymore. I felt like I owed the market people my business. I thought that if I wasn’t at them, people wouldn’t remember my work. I was running myself ragged, especially around the holiday time.  I took a step back, realized that I had to do what was right for me, for my business, for my family.

I made a conscious decision. Time to scale back the markets. It was like a revelation. I was able to focus more on delegating my time properly and getting my work done. I still fall behind a bit- I have a large order to deliver to a local account that should have been delivered last week.  Having said that, I must stop rambling and get on the sewing machine. But first, a jog out at the Eagle Trail.