Coming Full Circle

Hey!  Welcome aboard, if you are new to my page! 

If you have been around for a while, you rock!  Thank you!  Either way, I wanted to share a little story with you today.

01.16.18 Garlands Workshop Image.jpg

I have loved teaching creative textile recycling for more than 12 years. During that time, many, like the majority of my students have been transformed by their experience in my classroom.  As I am sifting through boxes as we prepare to move (it’s a local move but purging is involved none-the-less) I came across a swollen folder FULL of student evaluations that stretch back years.  As I flipped through reading all the heartfelt introspective and metamorphic comments, I was bowled over with gratitude. Remembering my witness to the blossoming of so many. 

Before I had students I had employees, 40 of them to be exact.  They too often burst into bloom during their time of employment. Like the flowers in my garden, some of them seemed to pop into full flower overnight while others transitioned slowly from a barren place to fertile flowering amazement. 


The combination of witnessing the human spirit being opened, empowered and lifted - through creative recycling and seeing all your thoughtful questions that have been flowing into my inbox led me to put together a subscription (oooh, is subscription the right word? Maybe dues?) for Circle.  Circle is part uplifting fun, part accountability group, part empowerment and inspiration – a little package of creative motivation to nudge you to run headlong down the path to the life of your dreams. 

01.26.19 Blankets on Line.jpg

On Febraury 15 we will send out our first snail mailing of this brand new endeavor called Circle.  I am super excited to offer life-changing inspiration at an affordable price! 

For $25/month (less than $1/day) you will get a beautiful hand decorated envelope delivered by your letter carrier full of the magic we are all starving for with support and connection just for you, online.  This first mailing includes:

·      a beautiful signed and numbered uplifting screenprint suitable for framing,

·      a quick little tutorial on making wash cloths using a recycled cotton t-shirt,

·      a book recommendation,

·      a link and personal invitation to my online forum,

·      an intention for the month,

·      a coupon for 25% off anything in my online atelier for the last two weeks of February


·      an opportunity to share your experience via guest posting on Rag. 

Honestly, the coupon code alone is worth a whole lot more than $25! 

Are you at a place in your life, like I was a year ago, where a little creative direction might just give you the kick in the ass you need to find the life of your dreams?  Maybe you just want to have a library of fun recycling projects to pull out when the snow is piling up and you are home for a few days.  I am learning that there are certainly as many reasons for being here as there are lovely people on my mailing list so while I am off figuring out our move, sign on to join my Circle.  You can cancel at anytime, send gift subscriptions, and be amazed at the changes you will see.  This offer ends at Midnight on Friday February 8. Don’t miss out!

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