Way Too Much Going On

06.20.15I am not the only one to feel overwhelmed with the number of things on my daily list to accomplish. The inability to keep-up results in constantly feeling  disappointed. There are just too many very interesting, enchanting, mind-widening, entreprenuerial things to do in my everyday.

It has recently occurred to me that what is most important, is to live a beautiful life. It is my mission.  With this in mind, my blog is back in action – a soft reappearance.  Join me on my path of reducing expectation, with it's resulting disappointment and increasing presence and  joy. There are bound to be significant changes along the way.

My first hurdle is realizing my inability to successfully run three businesses, stay healthy, and have a beautiful life –

Got some thinking to do, come along and lets see where we find ourselves.

What can you change in your life to add joy and diminish disappointment?