Blog Theme - Diaries, Journals, Journaling

There was a time when I ‘journaled’ every day. It was a long time too. Learned a lot about myself and enjoyed the download of information, thoughts, and ideas swirling inside my head. Over time my journal turned into a notebook where meeting notes are jotted, Where I sketch, and dash fleeting ideas that seem worth revisiting. While writing this its occurring to me that these notebooks are in fact journals, just my style has changed. They contain all sorts of information that marks a place in time or reminds me of the day, or experience. This week our theme is Dairies, Journals, Journaling.  Do you keep a journal or diary?  What is you favorite type of book to spill into? Send a picture of something that pertains to this week's theme of Diaries, Journals and Journaling to to be included in our Friday column called 1000 words.  No captions, just images.

12.01.14 Journals