Blog Theme - Teachers, School, Mentors

My Mother, Primm ffrench, Teaching my Daughters to Make Paper Crowns Each week there is a blog theme that usually has something to do with what is going on in my world.  This week's theme is Teachers, School, Mentors as we are preparing to send our two youngest, Violet and Lucy to second and third grade.  We're hoping for, banking on, crossing our fingers for, teachers who engage, encourage, and excite. (Last year Violet had a TOUGH year in first grade with a not-so-great teacher.) Ben, our oldest is taking a semester off from Berklee College of Music to process the dense learning material he has been offered there.

Both of my parents were high school art teachers and (mostly) loved by their students for over 40 years each!  Both of my hubby's parents were teachers too.  My sister is a teacher.  I love to teach and find great inspiration in my workshop students.

This week I am getting my ducks in a row to spend a week at The Kushi Institute where my goal is to learn to conquer the root of Ulcerative Colitis with Macrobiotics.  May my teacher/s there be wonderful mentors full of nutritional healing knowledge.

As the seasons change I nod to all those teachers in the past who have shone light on a path unknown to me prior.  I look forward to learning from teachers along the way, planned and unexpected alike.  Going forth with an open, inquisitive, absorbent lilt.  Here's to it!

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