Scrap Bag Challenge - Barbara Fama

Each artist who participated in the First EVER Scrap Bag Challenge that ran from March 22, 2014 til Earthday, and answered my virtual interview questions will be featured here over the next few weeks. The Scrap Bag Challenge took place, on the fly, as a part of the unearthing and purging in my studio.  As Shire City Sanctuary comes to be, my studio shrinks with glee – allowing me renewed freedom from stuff  and allowing our Makerspace room to accommodate a sewing room, screen printing shop, and teaching space.

We had over 50 responses within 24 hours of posting on facebook and sending our eblast announcement!  50 boxes packed full of studio scrap were shipped across the world from Germany to Australia to our neighbors here in Pittsfield!  Wowsers!  The EXCITEMENT!!

Check out Barbara Fama! She is a passionate quilter/fabric artist.  Look at what she made and take note of the materials she was given - SCRAPPY SCRAP and WOWSERS!  Here ya go ~

06.02.14 Barbara Fama.3

About Me:

06.02.14 Barbara Fama.4Resident of Troy, NY where my husband and I are owned by an old Victorian with demands and often visited by our daughter who is in constant motion throughout the world. Number Nerd for 39+ years working alongside 9 diverse artist/architects for a small nonprofit dealing both with historic preservation and affordable housing issues. I knit but my real passion is quilting.

Additional materials used: Birds - quilting cotton scraps, wire, beads. Runner - stabilizer for T shirt materials, left over scraps of batting and cotton. I am STILL knitting a rug with the rest of the t shirt material and using the beautiful felted pieces for a hot pad and small bag. I haven't used felted wool before and am a sloooow learner.

My inspiration for the runner is from what I love to do (quilt) from the colors I love (blacks, greys and brights) and for the birds from Kajsa Wikman's book and blog.

My fondest Recycled/Reused experience is my quilting for Quilts for Kids ( This project uses the overruns, errors and unsold cotton fabric from manufacturers that used to end up in landfills to make quilts for children in hospitals. Your challenge was one of the best experiences I have had because I had to think about materials I am not used to and move because of the tight time frame.

Advise to a large group of people? Be yourself, and make a difference, no matter how small.06.02.14 Barbara Fama.5