pure Creative Joy

The best gift I can imagine is an uninterrupted day in the studio.  One single day of pure creating time.  No kids home from school, no phone calls, no visitors, no contractors making messy noises, no questions, no meetings, just joy in making.  It’s coming soon!  I can feel it. The seemingly endless construction/renovation of the church my hubby and I own, started in March 2012 will wind up tomorrow.  (Can that really be TRUE?!)  Once I see that last fire door completely installed hardware and all, once that is visable with my own two eyes, Jim Harwood, our trusty architect, will come over for a final walk-through.  He’ll check to be sure that every last detail of our plan has been carried out to his specifications.  Then he’ll draft a letter to The City of Pittsfield stating that the work is complete.  The buiding and fire departments will collaborate (highly unusual in our fair city) and draft us up a bonifide Certificate of Occupancy.  I think it might go in the church entryway on display with a 24kt gold frame!  Holy SHIT!  Never did I expect this project to be so consuming for such a very long time!  Wowsers!  I can’t say WE DID IT! yet, but I do think that by the end of the month that is what I’ll be singing, no, BELLOWING from our rooftop!  Three cheers for progress!

Once we have that blessed little bit of Occupancy Permit Paper in our hot little fist, the party planning begins!  We will certainly keep all of you, out there in cyber land, in the loop and hope that many of you join us to celebrate the awesomeness of our church on Melville right in the heart of Pittsfield.  (I prefer to call our city Field – seems like a real positive spin on what is generally construed as a downtrodden Western MA city.  So come to Field, MA and party down with us this Spring.  Prolly going to be somewhere around Spring Equinox – stay tuned.