Northeast Poultry Congress ~

Chickens first became part of my ‘household’ when Ben was about 6 I think.  We ordered them from Murray McMurray.  They arrived on Easter Sunday via US mail, which was so surprising, hand delivered on a Sunday.  The chicks were tiny, just a couple days old, all in a little odd-shaped box with enclosed directions and a handful of feed.  The peeping was audible through several small air holes in the carton. If my calculations are right, that was 15 years, and a whole lotta chickens ago!

Lucy, Violet and I got up early this Saturday morning and rode over the mountain to the Northeast Poultry Congress.  50,000 birds (Can that be right?) and a whole bunch of bird keeping people under one roof!  Our time there was limited by a birthday party Lucy was really excited to attend providing parameters that helped keep overwhelm at bay.   The place was a sea of all sorts of mostly chickens.  We saw ducks, geese, doves, lots and lots of chickens, and bunnies(?).  Every size, color, shape, chicken I had ever laid eyes on was there and a lot I had never seen before.  After taking in the enormity of the venue we bee-lined it to the Sale Bird area.

By the end of the hour we had spent $200 and loaded 6 standard sized birds and 4, month old chicks into the back of my trusty 1990 Volvo 240 wagon.  Away we went, a box of chicks on each lap behind me, and a brooder full of big fat hens, with one very handsome rooster in the way back. When we got home we added our new charges to the coop full of our mixed flock.  Alexander, our little Barred Rock Bantam rooster is really not so sure about his new roommate Biggie, the giant sized standard Silver Laced Wyandotte rooster but I think they are going to work it out.  When I went to check on them and lock the coop for the night I caught Alexander ‘sucker pecking’ Biggie on the back of the wing.  I’m not sure Biggie noticed.  I think he is a lot like my husband, very large, strong as an ox, and sweet as the day is long. Our tally of new charges includes a trio of Silver Laced Wyandottes, Biggie, Betty and Carol.  They came from north of Toronto from Gardsmere Farm.  (Those guys were SERIOUS about their chickens.) We are the proud owners of the BEST Silver Laced Wyandottes in all the land, “from here to Australia”.  We might separate them out and breed them.  Stay tuned, but don’t hold your breath.

A sweet woman named Linda from VT who attends poultry shows with her son Ryan (super cute and 32) sold me three of the biggest fattest Black Langshan hens you have ever seen!  These ladies are yet to be named.  I have some ideas – and would love to hear yours.  Are there are trio of sisters you can think of who we might name these three beauties in their honor?   Leave your ideas in the comments below.

Lucy and Violet talked me into letting them get some straight run silkie chicks – two each, not sure if they are hens or roosters but we did brake the Christmas wish bone and both had the same wish - that we have one silkie rooster and three little hens.  We got these little babies from a cute smurf-like lady in a bright green sweatshirt.  They are in a plastic blue tub the garage right now.  A big bright light is keeping them warm and the girls ‘checked’ on them every 20 minutes since we got back from the birthday party and woke up first thing wanting to go see them.  Hope they don’t loose interest.  They want horses.