Holiday Shindy Spotlight - Sitlonger

Shire City Sanctuary will host what grew out of my annual Holiday Studio Sale - The Shire City Sanctuary Holiday Shindy* on December 8&9, 2012 from 10-6 both days.   Each of the 40 vendors will be featured here between now and then so stop back and see all about it.  Make your list, and check it twice.

Made in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts, Sitlonger offers cushions exquisitely crafted from the finest quality upholstery weight fabrics. Owners Mimi Krysiak and Dooley Collins have been working together for almost 20 years as upholsterers in their ‘to the trade’ upholstery studio.

After returning home from a month long meditation retreat, Mimi realized she had everything she needed to create a more comfortable and more beautiful cushion than the traditional zafu she’d been using: a lifetime of sewing skills,an extensive collection of fabrics and the organic buckwheat hulls she uses to mulch her gardens. “The cushion I used on my retreat was too low for me. I needed something higher to compensate for a lack of flexibility in my hips, and if I’m going to make my own, why not make it fabulous?” And viola! Sitlonger was born.

*shin·dy [shin-dee] noun,  plural shin·dies.  Informal.  1. a row; rumpus.  2. a shindig.