ReConsumerEyes - UnPaper Towels

UnPaper Towels and Towel Houses are a very practical idea that we use in our home and have given as well received holiday gifts.  Meticulously handmade by a family business in the mid-west called Made In The Red Barn.

Unpaper Towels are simple squares, the size of a piece of paper towel, cut from soft and absorbent birds-eye cotton with a tidy little serged stitch running the circumference.  They are available in lots of beautiful colors and are designed to fit into a simple, well made dispenser called a Towel House.  Two Towel Houses sit on our kitchen shelf, each takes up about the same amount of space as a roll of paper towels.  One is filled with UnPaper Towels – that we use for everything from wiping a counter spill, to drying hands, and often, they double as table napkins.   The second Towel House is used to dispense plastic produce bags for re-use.

When I talked to Kai, the mom of the operation, she told me that one of her daughters is getting married this spring so shipping time might be running a little longer than their usual 2 weeks.  I quote her here:

Who knew that we'd begin looking for ways to cut our family expenses, but would wind up going green?

. . .and open a shop on Etsy to offer our family's solution, the Towel House. Transition away from paper towels to eco friendly unpaper towels made from washable, reusable, wonderful cloth!

Save a whole bunch of resources like trees, money and landfill space when you ReConsumerEyes and use UnPaper Towels in your home. Customer service, as well as quality, and durability of product are impeccable.  Thanks Kai and family!