Alchemy Initiative - Urban Garden

There are a few irons in the fire right now for me.  One of Alchemy Initiative’s two big fund-raisers is approaching at lightening speed!  I’ll tell you all about our Earth Day event in my next post ~ Pretty Exciting Stuff!

Today it is all about the garden.  Alchemy Initiative has a green space of about one third of an acre that sits to the east of our house, the former rectory, bordered on one side by the railroad and one side by a busy road, state Route 7.  There is a lot of pedestrian traffic and the church cordoned off the space with a nice wrought iron fence keeping it visible to passers-by yet well separated from the hub-bub.

Three years ago we broke the well-manicured church lawn with several raised beds, filled them with organic soil, and grew our first crops – mainly vegetables.  We harvested and learned and added compost and love.

Last year we doubled our growing area with a huge 20x40ft bed that fills a space where my hubby took down a dreaded Norway Maple that had been gobbling up sunlight and soil nutrients along with adding poisonous enzymes to the ground making it near impossible to grow anything near it.  We dug up the giant stump, rototilled the ground, watered, weeded, and mulched, and grew armloads of cut flowers.  Presto!  Our cut flower CSA was born!

About half the plantings last year were perennials.  Many were gifts from friends and neighbors.  Many planted after their blooms had passed.  As the weather warms, it is so exciting to see little green perennial shoots begin to break the soil’s surface, with the promise of wild color, butterflies, buzzing bees, and the sun’s warm kiss.  As this is happening out in the garden, the children and I have started an array of annual cut-flower seeds indoors to add to the mix.  Dirt digging activity, along with burgeoning spring bulbs we planted together, brings me a smile and warm heart, a dear reminder of my beloved dad, who passed away two years ago.  Ahh the connection to all manner of goodness a garden is ~

As far as the cut flower CSA goes – you can buy a share and have locally grown, fresh-cut, bouquet once a week all summer.   Sure to brighten up your workplace or home, and a share makes a wonderful gift to an elder in an assisted living situation.  Contact to claim your share before they are all gone!