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Drinking -

In 2010, United States alone, consumed half a BILLION bottles of water are every week.  Lined up from end to end that would circle the globe 5 times – EVERY WEEK.  Not only is all that plastic a detriment to global harmony as only 20% of these bottles end up in the recycle bin, often the quality of what is in the bottle is no better or different than plain old tap water.  And tap water is nearly free!

OK so from an environmental stance, it is clear to see that plastic water bottles suck.   Add to that, tumor causing toxins (bisphenol A or BPA) in plastic, that enter your body when drinking bottled waters, and it is a simple no-brainer, drink tap water, and if you must drink water when away from your tap, bottle it in stainless steel or glass.  Healthful, affordable, environmentally aware, options for me are pictured here – mason jars work great too for hot or cold drinks.

If you are interested in doing more, invest in public water infrastructure, encourage your municipal officials to install water fountains, and spread the word to boycott drinking water in plastic bottles!