Busy - Ness Whew!

11.5 Flower Stacks Stacked wool scraps for flowers in preparation for a filling a big order for a Bar Mitzvah floral table arrangements.

My life has been even busier than usual for the last month or so – In order to prioritize things I will list them here.  Maybe this will help me move through the list effectively diminishing the sense of overwhelm I am feeling.

- Handmade Holiday Festival planning and preparations, 40 vendors (we have a few spaces left for our areas premium, most creative makers – spread the word.)  Christmas trees, cookies and outstanding chocolates to hoola hoops, jewelry, pottery, hand-screened calendars, recycled wool of my creation and lots more.

- Nudging (I feels more like pushing uphill today!) forward motion with our HUGE renovation of the church that houses my studio and Urban Farmhouse next door (former rectory).  Learn more at AlchemyInitiative.org

- Taught off site workshop at Kripalu Yoga Center, Lenox, MA – that was a PLEASURE!  A vacation while working, took me away from my routine (that I love) for four days.  I’d do it again in a heartbeat and have since been invited to teach in CA and NC!

- Marketing my newly released book The Sweater Chop Shop,  Book signing events planned for January in Vermont and Great Barrington MA.  Check my calendar for all the deets and come see me if you can!

- Making product to sell at three fabulous retail venues in the next three weeks – YIKES!  Thankfully I have the best of the best helping get this going on!  I’ll post pictures of our tight knit crew of mischief and recycled wool makers soon.

Here are the places I will be selling:

Live and Let’s Give this weekend at The Lichtenstein Center for The Arts, Pittsfield, MA

Twist Fair November 13 and 14 at The Northampton Center for The Arts

Handmade Holiday Festival – December 4, 5, and 6th at Alchemy Initiative (our Church) Pittsfield, MA

- Cleaning out the studio and garage to continue the path toward less stuff, more space, better organization

- Parenting my three kids and being a good wife to my good hubs – that is really what I love the best!  I am absolutely BLESSED with a truly LOVING family all around.

- Living without a car – this decision helps me feel like I am part of the solution rather than the problem but it does mean that errands take a little longer and time is such a hot commodity for me.  Not hot enough to get a car however.

- Shipping calendars and running The Dolphin Studio with my sister as my parents pass the baton that is in Stockbridge, MA which is a 12 mile drive (if you have a car).

- Supporting my 81-year-old dad by taking him to his Doctors’ appointments as he deals with the spread of prostate cancer to his bones and beyond.  Wouldn’t be so hard if he wasn’t such a great friend.

- Trying to figure out where we can conjure up money to pay all the bills for this amazing property we own and the renovation underway

- Working on marketing my workshops better to fill them for 2010 – you can buy gift certificates for all your holiday gifts!  There is a post on this subject exclusively in the works.

- Moved screen printing shop into my studio in preparation for the 2011 Dolphin Studio Calendar production.

- Leading the forward motion of Alchemy Initiative with the best group of Initiators ever.  Being part of that group of five is empowering to us all.   It is a huge relief to be working on this giant project with partners in mischief – high-jinx guaranteed!

- Sitting on The Board of Directors at The Berkshire Coop Market and The Artscape Committee (that places public art in the city of Pitty)

So now I realize why I am feeling overwhelmed.

Not a lot of time for posting here – this process has been helpful though, so I think you will see more new entries soon.  If not you’ll understand why.