Recycled Upholstery

the first in a series of recycled furniture - refinished with all natural, non-toxic and/or recycled materials from top to bottomThis chair came with the church and rectory my hubby and I bought a few years ago.  Good thing clearing stuff out has taken a while.  Reupholstery breathes new life into it with updated colors, materials and a fresh coat of milk paint. The first in what promises to be a series. I recycled old wool blankets by adding patches to the thin, or wholey parts, then cut them to match the size of the original upholstery.  The cushions are layer upon layer of wool sweaters opened flat and stacked to the desired thickness.  Clothesline was hand dyed to use in place of the original piping - and even the very bottom of the chair is covered with lovley brocade recycled from the pile of used fabrics collected in my studio.