Method to the Madness

We are hoping that our year-long stay in Ireland will teach how to slow down. Both Chris and I know that we want to simplify and seem to have trouble figuring out how to do it with all our commitments. My schedule upon return from this short trip is already overwhelmed. The next 12 months will be filled with delegating what we can to the helpers around us, and focusing carefully on not taking-on anything new. There are still lots of details to work out but the bulk of our travel logistics are underway.

The adventure of culture change for our family is exciting. This time tomorrow we will be heading to the airport in our tiny little car that has used less than a tank of gas all week with lots of excursions. The week has flown by full of family, history, and finding solutions to conumdrums in a foreign land – all of it wonderful – including my sweet friends who were kind enough to join me on my mission. Looking forward to being reunited with my littles and sweet husband. And then, getting back to my grind – with a renewed sense of exciting change.
  • Caitlin

    Hey there Irish sister! I say no a lot so I can put me and my family first after scheduled work. House work has gone out the window for now, basic only as needed. Tad easier for me since I am not self employed. Delegate and ask for help as needed, and let go of the things that aren’t vital. Had been doing the website for my church, told them I couldn’t any more, etc. Gonna be a great ride and look forward to seeing your fam in the land of my fam! Literally, we’re from Tallyho Cross which isn’t even on a map, but it’s Athenry essentially. Tiny bit jealous, almost stayed there instead of moving here, but then I wouldn’t have met the beautiful ffrench family. Love and hugs and peaceful simplifying energy to you all! Caitlin

  • crispinaffrench

    Ah Caitlin, thanks for writing. Your words are welcome and spot on.