Summer Vacation – Being Present

Add Joy, reduce disappointmentIt is summer vacation and my younger two kids have just finished second and third grade. (Our oldest is 22 and living the good life in Boston as he works for the summer before returning to Berklee this fall.) My husband and I are both self employed so we are going to work alternative schedules for the summer to save money and spend more time with our kids. My challenge will be to be present to The Littles when spending time together rather than finding ways to entertain them while I work.

This first week we are sharing a sitter/entertainer with our good friends who also have two little girls similarly aged. We plan to fill days with summer fun, from wading in the brook catching critters to a day at the town beach and maybe a couple of kid-oriented local museum trips. Here’s to a summer full of fun and adventure with time to get things done and add joy!

What are you planning for the summer to add joy on your path?




  • Kathy

    Hi Crispina – great post, thanks for the gentle reminder about being present. I do occasionally need a nudge. Planning a trip to the Grand Canyon with our 9 and 18 year olds. Possibly our last family vacation before the older guy heads off to college. Other ideas – some camping – even if it’s just in the backyard and an amusement park – Canobie Lake, just enough – fun and not too overwhelming. Happy summer – Enjoy!

  • Jenny Depa-Karl

    What sweet little girls! Enjoy the summer in their ‘presence’! They grow-up so quick!! I’ll spend my Summer, milking my goats and making cheese!

  • crispinaffrench

    Yay Team! These comments are encouraging in so many ways! Thanks for taking the time to share your ideas along this magical path of life. Keep them coming. Working toward increased joy – inch by inch.

  • Kathy

    Hi again – found this Family Friendly activity book – for those rainy or just need some down-time days:

    STEM fun for the entire family! Ordered from Amazon. Just a thought.

  • Kathy

    And one more :) I’ve been looking for something like this so thought I’d share. Lots of great summer activity ideas on this blog. She has an amazing Summer Activity Notebook to hold all of your memories! Love this punch card – want to encourage reading and always RAOK this summer. (just in case, Random Acts of Kindness) Knowing that you are super creative – you may already have a plan but…
    Check it out: