WIN a Potholder Rug!

The first week of most months you will find a FREE GIVE AWAY right here!  This month the featured products are my well known and loved Pothholder Rugs!

First there were Ragamuffins, followed by blankets, mittens, and sweaters.  .  .  and my raw material sweater sources were drying up.  Then, in 1988, I bought my first 1000 lb bale of used wool sweaters.


I know, I’ll buy in bulk, with the goal being to turn the whole bale into something of added value.  Once accomplished, I could consider myself to be doing my part to bring awareness to cultural excessive consumption and inspire others to think creatively about textile waste.

The part of the puzzle that enabled me to realize my goal were (and are) Potholder Rugs.  They can literally be made from any sort of stretchy waste fabric.  In 1988 they were the product that consumed the lesser grade used wool sweaters and turned that, real trash, “The bottom of the Bale” into something that still startles me with simple function and rich aesthetic.

This month I am giving any 2.5×3.5ft potholder rug shown in my shop – away to the lucky winner drawn from all those who answer the questions below.

( A winner will be randomly selected on Wednesday 8/14 around noon.  Entrants should only comment once, must have not won anything from me in the last 12 months, and, they must have a US address for shipping, or agree to pay shipping costs.)

To Enter:  Answer these three questions in the comment box below:

Do you celebrate a giving holiday at the end of the year?

If so:

Which one?

Can you commit to giving at least 50% handmade gifts this year?


Oh, and if you are interested in gifting Potholder Rugs for your Giving Holiday, consider taking my full day, no secrets Potholder Rug Weaving Workshop on September 28.  $195 covers the use of all tools and materials for the day.  Looms are available too.  Register by phone or email.  413-236-9600 or

  • margaret barton-ross

    1. Yes we celebrate an end of the year holiday. 2. Christmas is the holiday we observe, though two of my daughter-in-laws have Jewish backgrounds so I try to honor their traditions, which are loosely held by them. 3. We have tried for many years to include mostly handmade gifts plus some gifts providing “an experience.”

  • Kate Bausch

    1. Yes
    2. Christmas
    3. Yes. I commit to giving 50% handmade!

    Bless your heart!

    Thank you!

  • Sue Gilliam

    Do you celebrate a giving holiday at the end of the year? Yes

    If so:

    Which one? Christmas

    Can you commit to giving at least 50% handmade gifts this year? That would be very difficult as the only gifts we give are for kids under 12…… Christmas is for little kids in our life……

  • Kate Mansfield

    1) yes!
    2) Christmas, Hanukkah, and December birthdays depending on the giftee
    3) yes! I primarily give handmade gifts each year (most that I make or I source from Etsy and local artisans).

    Cheers, Kate

  • Kate Mansfield

    Full disclosure: I won some of your pot holders, but I can’t remember if it was within the last 12 months…(maybe last November?). If so, sorry, but my handmade commitment stands!

  • Kate Sumner

    Do you celebrate a giving holiday at the end of the year?

    If so:

    Which one?
    I celebrate Christmas.

    Can you commit to giving at least 50% handmade gifts this year?
    Absolutely! I made most of my gifts last year–which was a lot of fun–and it was so exciting to see how much my friends and family liked my creations. :)

    *Fingers crossed! I love the potholder rugs!* :)

  • christina coghill

    1. Yes I celebrate the holidays.
    2. I strive to make something for everyone. My kids are younger so I end up purchasing most of their gifts, but they still get hand knitted or crocheted items.


    yes, Christmas, and YES! I love to knit and plan on making my nieces fingerless gloves, may even try em with my sweaters I got from you =-)a NEW project I am thinking of starting! =-)

  • Caitlin Hotaling

    Yes. Christmas. I often do anyway but heck yeah!

  • Maura Tourian

    Yes, I will try!

  • Carol Vogt


  • Maria whetstone

    Christmas & and yes I can comit to 50% homemade gifts

  • Caroline

    We celebrate Christmas in our household. It’s a great challenge to commit to buying 50% handmade and my family is ready to take this challenge on!

  • Shari moraga

    We celebrate Christina’s and Hanukkah. I make almost all of the presents I give. Last year year was aprons made from drop clothes, recycled clothing, paint and stitching. This year, cement flower pots with succulents. Hugs!

  • Charlotte Besaw

    Yes, Christmas, and yes, I plan to make sure that ALL of my gift giving will be handmade…by me or another artisan.

  • Karen

    My birthday is on Christmas Day. We celebrate less Christmas and more birthday each year. I love to give people things and I’m focusing more and more on handmade. Much of it I make myself.

  • Crispina

    My kids love handmade toys – I got each of them amazing baby dolls on Etsy. Check out for all sorts of children’s gift ideas you can buy or make!

  • Joan Peters

    1) Yes
    2) We celebrate Christmas
    3) Yes, I can commit to giving handmade gifts this year (at least 50%)

  • Pam Ring

    Yes, I celebrate an odd conglomeration of Solstice, St Nick’s Day, Hannukah, and Christmas.
    I firmly commit to at least 50% of gifts will be homemade!

  • Kathy

    Yes, we celebrate Christmas.

    I would love to take on your challenge and give at least 50% handmade!! I try to support local independents in addition to Etsy as well as go green on the gift wrap :)

  • Michele Groulx

    Yes, Christmas!….

    And yes, I make myself 80% of the gifts I give to the loved ones. But I have a hard time with the whole “Ok, this is now, we have to have parties and give gifts at this time of the year”…. I like to give things I make at any time of the year and get together with the peps I want to at any time of the year and make it a Holy day. But once I am with the people and in the parties, I’m happy…. 8) I guess I’m a bit of a lovely grinch. <3

  • Molly Gilmore

    I celebrate a giving holiday (love that term, by the way). It’s Christmas, though I throw Solstice in there, too. I often give handmade gifts, request handmade gifts and buy myself handmade items, but have never considered percentages for gifts. I will attempt todo 50 percent this year!

  • denisa

    christmas and december birthdays
    yes yes yes

  • Martha Kofman

    indeed, I will!

  • Ali

    I’ve grown up celebrating Hanukah with my family. As I’ve gotten older and created a variety of families for myself, the celebration has no actual label, and has morphed into a love of giving gifts to others. I have began a wonderful tradition of creating gifts with photos of experiences that are meaningful to me, and I plan on continuing that this year and for many more years to come :)

  • Linda

    Yes I celebrate a holiday at the end of the year.
    I am committed to giving at least 50% hand made gifts

  • Paula Ball

    The adults in my family have started a tradition of giving gifts made from recycled or repurposed materials. We celebrate Christmas as a day with family, organic and sometimes unusual dishes(my son-in-law is Cajun)so you never know what might be served.
    Last year it was wild hog, year before it was coon.So glad I’m vegan!
    My gifts for the coming season will be hand made journals with home made paper. Hope everyone likes them.

  • brooke

    1. Yes.
    2. I celebrate Christmas.
    3. I have already started making homemade gifts and plan do more than 50 percent :-)

  • Andi

    Yes. Christmas.
    I make as many upcycled gifts as possible. This year: More! 50%, sure!
    Wish I lived nearby and I’d be in your studio as much as possible. Love your work.

  • Karen Kupiec

    1. Christmas.
    2. Yes we can give 50% homemade gifts – purchased from friends, local artists and Etsy. Thanks – love the rug!

  • http://facebook Peggy Sue

    yes, Christmas, and YES

    I have even given 100% homemade gifts to my whole family, 6 children and 5 grandchildren. love home/hand made gifts!
    thank you~ :)

  • Kathy

    Yes, I celebrate Christmas and have long been committed to giving handmade and found gifts for Christmas. They’re the best!

  • Kate Latz

    My friends and I celebrate Christmas, as a time to get together and enjoy the shortest days of the year. I almost never buy anything. It is the one time I allow myself to stop producing for my etsy shop and knit for love alone.

  • Marti

    Yup. made 100% of the gifts last year and plan to do it again this year and have already started. I used to make potholders with my GMa when I was a kid. she was blind and would ask me for the colors so she could make pretty patterns.

  • Melissa vansant

    Winter solstice and Christmas
    And yes! Trying for 80%handmade gifts :)

  • Rachel Jaffe

    Do you celebrate a giving holiday at the end of the year? YES

    If so: Which one? Chanukah

    Can you commit to giving at least 50% handmade gifts this year? YES!

  • Stephanie staltare

    2. I celebrate Christmas and Festivus!
    3.i do make a lot of gifts and also shop on Etsy and local craft markets

  • treena

    1. Yes
    2. Christmas
    3. Absolutely! :-)
    (But I may be buying some of them…)

  • Atalanta

    1. Yes.
    2. Winter Solstice
    3. 100% homemade by our family or locally handmade by others!

  • Peggy Hamilton

    Yup- I do lots of handmade things. Round t-shirt rugs, t-shirt tote bags, knitted ruffle scarfs, baskets of all different materials, dried herbs from the summer garden, etc.

  • Dave

    1) Yes
    2) Christmas – I love it!
    3) We always try but never make it! My wife is now into crocheting so maybe more this year!

  • Melissa

    1) Yes
    2) Christmas
    3) I was just thinking what I could make this year and came across your website looking for ideas. I will track my progress to hit the goal of 50%.