Potholder Rug Making Workshop

9.17.09 Rug Workshop2
9.17.09 Rug Workshop4
9.17.09 Rug Workshop3

Last Sunday’s Potholder Rug Making Studio Workshop was a day well spent!  What a nice bunch of ladies showed up and everyone went home with a lovely 2.5×3.5ft rug they made that day.  There are a new batch of looms in the studio for sale.  The gals on Sunday took a bunch of them home to continue on the potholder path.  If you are interested, you can find them for purchase in my online shop

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  • http://farmgirlstudio.typepad.com Amylynn

    If we buy a loom from you can you send us directions with the loom on how to make your rugs? I wish I lived closer to take a workshop with you!

  • http://onlarchlane.blogspot.com/ Mattenylou

    I love these rugs! What a great way to recycle those tees.

    You have made some wonderful things, I admire your talent!

  • admin

    I am working on writing directions for the rugs. They are not in my book based on the need for a loom – all the projects in the book are done with few simple tools – not as involved as a loom.
    When I get them finished I would be happy to make them available

  • Bob Davis

    I love your rugs, can you tell me where I can buy a loom and supplies, as well as the cost. Thanks BD

  • Crispina

    I sell looms and materials from my studio and in my online Materials Shop. Here is a link for that: http://www.etsy.com/shop/CrispinaMaterial. Thanks!

  • Tammy Terell

    Would like to know where , price of the Loom to make pot holder rug 5×7. and the directions and other tools and materials used. have you ever used denim? Could the loom be home made if so what materials and dimensions of the loom?
    Interested in doing this for a 4-h project with our club.
    Thank you for information in advance!
    Sincerely ,
    Tammy Terrell
    1137 iowa Rd, Allerton Iowa 50008


    would love instructions on pot holder rug so clever for my own use……..

  • http://pinterest valerie steblein

    I love your loom!!!!! 😉 valerie

  • Dorothy Gibson

    I would also like to know if you sell the 5 x 7 loom and directions for the rug?
    Or the plans and directions. I would love to come to one of your workshops, wish I was closer.


  • Crispina

    Hi Dorothy,
    I no longer offer larger looms for sale (although I could custom make one for you). In my workshops you will learn a lovely technique for weaving sections together to make larger sized rugs on the smaller looms.

  • Eileen Richard

    Hi, I’m trying to determine if I have room for the frame for a 2.5 X 3.5 rug frame. Can you please tell me the out side measurements of the frame and what holds it upright. Also what do you use for the pegs around the outside? I’m trying to deside if some of my younger 4-H kids would be able to safely use it without getting hurt. Please let me know. Thank You so much. Eileen Richard, 4-H Leader for 40 years