Anyone remember my post from last summer about spending a year in Ireland? Initially we were thinking of leaving in time for the girls to start school over there in the fall. I was super resistant to my hubby’s voice of reason suggesting that we stay stateside till the end of the year and bank as much as we can in those last three months of 2016. The more I have thought about it, the clearer it has become that this timing makes a whole lot more sense. My only worry is missing my sweet Auntie Ellie who will celebrate her 98th birthday this year. I’m hoping to get a visit in with her before we all go in time for Winter Solstice.

We will be based in our family cottage in Kinvara on the edge of The Burren about 15 miles south of the City of Galway. My mom and dad spent their summers there at the end of their teaching years and on into retirement. It is a humble and comfortable tiny three bedroom stone home with all the charm of an old-school Irish cottage. I’ll work in my dad’s studio and teach a couple workshops nearby. Stay tuned for that schedule as things fall into place.

Now to get our ducks in a row for making all of that happen. I’ll visit the Irish consulate in Boston in the next few weeks and figure out where to start.

I wonder if there is a run on exit visas and passports as Donald Trump marches ever closer to presidency? Yikes!

File May 25, 12 06 27 PM

On Saturday I embarked on a social experiment, that I am calling Limited Access.  The idea is to limit the time I spend online to two 30 minute blocks a day – morning and night.  In addition one day a week will be spent working online.  The first two days were challenging.  By Monday I was not using the second block of time at all and had decided that on Wednesdays I would spend my workday online.

Today is Wednesday.  I am happy finishing a blanket in my sewing room and have pushed my ‘online’ day to Friday.  This blog entry is eating up both of today’s blocks.  Plans are coming together for doing most of my posting work off line – you know, write it down in a notebook with a pen!

Stepping back from my online presence has prompted an unexpected clarity to step further away from the light.  (In rereading this it seems as though my online presence is not being abandoned, but rather enhanced with intention.)  To that end, my intention is to reintroduce the role of mother, wife, friend into my weeks.  I am loving and really excited about my new-found sense of presence. Really jazzed about the idea of having a day off as fruit of my increased productivity with the time saved from building awareness of my online use.

File May 25, 12 07 44 PM

The idea of a focus nourishes me too ~

More on that in the days to come.

Yesterday I noticed a big fat bubble bee checking out our 100 year old lilac in the end-of-day sunshine and thought about how it must be to stick your head into that bloom in all its glory. How would it be to be that bee?



Intoxicating Fragrance


Stay cool this summer with old fashioned fans, parasols, and other simple yet effective cooling systems. For example; on the first day this year that you get really hot, think about what the middle of February felt like. I bet you instantly cool off.

Vintage Light Mint Green Cal…


native american, angled fan …


Carved Wood Handle Asian Fla…


Japanese Hand Fan – Vintage …


Akuaba Fertility Doll Woven …


Paper Parasol. Paper Umbrell…


Wooden hand held fan with ca…


Vintage Industrial Fan – Wes…




DIY Color or Paint Rice Pape…


Vintage Pacific Air Box Fan …


Victorian Woven Hand Held Fa…


Vintage Electric Double Fan,…


Vintage oriental paper paras…


Vintage 1920s/30s Rare Color…


Fan Pull and Light Pull|Pair…


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Today is my first full day of mindful internet and illuminated rectangle use. Yesterday I decided to work toward 30 minutes twice a day, a morning session and an evening session plus one full day a week of internet work.

What fun it is to really pay attention to my habits. I noticed being drawn to the drivel and opted for more meaningful enrichment. What a lovely day it was!


Spent three minutes reading news this morning while still horizontal and signed off until now.

Responded to texts from friends and initiated a couple to plan my summer schedule.

Checked my Analytics and saw that my Limited Access post blew up! It inspires me to imagine my path inspiring others to consume this commodity in a thoughtful and mindful manner.

Realized that 30 minute sessions morning and night might not be most productive for me.

Working on clarifying my plan for the rest of my week long social experiment

Most notably

My sense of relief stands – it excites me to have found lost time!

File May 22, 9 35 02 PM

I made amazing sugar free, dairy free chocolate. Some of you may know that I became macrobiotic in September 2014 due to an Ulcerative Colitis diagnosis several years earlier. More on that another time, for now just know that today’s batch was most notable to date!

Recipe coming soon.

We started the patio we have been dreaming up for the last couple years. Its going to be amazing! The door hearthstone we put in place today is the one my hubby grew up with – so cool.

Cleaned, Folded a mountain of laundry, sewed for a couple hours and generally felt super great not even thinking about anything happening online.

Day two of my social experiment to leave the interwebs behind for most of my day was a success. Looking forward to another wholesome day of creativity tomorrow.

File May 22, 10 30 24 PM2

Today is May 21, 2016

File May 21, 11 19 41 PM

My 10 year old daughter won a tablet raising money for The American Heart Association. Her big brother has a cardio-myopathy so she is super motivated.

This device is the first for her. I was thinking about her screen-use and wondering about how best to limit it and I had an epiphany. I, like so many around me, am completely distracted from the here and now by the damn illuminated rectangle in my hand – it became clear that in order for me to feel right about limiting Lucy’s tablet use I needed to limit my own.

It started immediately.


The relief was immediate.


So here goes!

30 minutes twice a day on the illuminated screen, plus one day a week for work/sales.

It’s a social experiment I’ll be undertaking this week, I am calling it Limited Access:

So far I have spent a few focused intervals wondering how best to spend this super limited timeframe. What is most important to me?

Spent time writing in my journal with pen and ink, my favorite new drawing tool a Quill pen and india ink.  Fun to write with too cause you gotta keep dipping –  slowing  –   Thank you kindly for that inspiration Dan Blakeslee!

Dan playing at BINGO! Gallery earlier this year with some of his amazing artwork on the wall.
Dan playing at BINGO! Gallery earlier this year with some of his amazing artwork on the wall.

Enjoying the moment, spending more time with my kids and hubby – like really WITH them.  And checking OUT of all the spinning whirling craziness happening out there in cyber land.  Upon initial contemplation what I came up with as ‘most important’ is accountability.  So I’ll be using this platform keep myself accountable and to post my findings.

Stay tuned.

File May 21, 11 21 04 PM

Realizing there’s no need to reinvent myself in warm weather. Continuing with wool/cashmere combinations in blankets, A Bride’s Sweater (that groom needs one too!) and setting up the rug loom after a wonderful workshop at Snow Farm earlier this month. Check my EVENTS page for my teaching schedule. Make a plan and come visit!!

pssssssst! Did you know that there is a stunning wedding space in the heart of the Berkshires? Check it out, Shire City Sanctuary is the stuff dreams are made of. This collection of lovelies would be quite at home there.

twig nest and moss ring bear…


SALE! Four Ball Mason Jar Cl…


Wooden Lapel Flower- “Y…


Simple Unique Wedding Band S…


The ONE Dress multi wrap inf…


High Grade Labradorite State…


Lace Chiffon Wedding Dress w…


Dried Flower Confetti, Dried…


UNDER THIS MOON / Cufflinks …


Donna Dress for Girls 12M-12…


Customized wedding cake topp…


Ring Bearer Signs/ Ringbeare…


Anchors away laser cut weddi…


Seed Packet Wedding Favors -…


Alternative Wedding Arch- Pa…


Custom Pocket Square with Mo…


Each week we feature a treasury curated from Etsy, an online marketplace of awesomeness. Click on the images above to be linked to the shops and take in the beauty of handmade, vintage, and recycled goodness.

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With a tuppence for paper and strings you can have your own set of wings! With your feet on the ground you’re a bird in flight! With your fist holding tight to the string of your kite!

Waldorf Hand Kite – Set of 2…


Pair of Vintage 1920’s S…


Mini Dragon Kite- Dazzle- Sh…




kite print beach wall art nu…


Blue Whales Flying Kites – B…


Meorihongchima-yeon – Korean…


KITE stud earrings made from…


RARE Vintage Dragon Centiped…


Prayer Kites Modern Quilt


paper kite garland


Kites Print 14×11


Kite Decals, Paper Decals, W…


Easy To Make Decorative Kite…


Japanese Carp Kite Children&…


Kite Flight by Jack Boterman…


Each week we feature a treasury curated from Etsy, an online marketplace of awesomeness. Click on the images above to be linked to the shops and take in the beauty of handmade, vintage, and recycled goodness.

Powered By Handmadeology